MARI Planning and organising course

Last Updated : 20-06-2023
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This course provides a comprehensive overview of planning and organizing principles and techniques. In Module 1, students will learn about the importance of planning and organizing, as well as the overall process involved. Tools and techniques for effective planning and organizing will also be introduced. Module 2 focuses on planning principles and techniques, covering topics such as different types of planning, goal setting, risk analysis, action planning, and the use of tools like Gantt charts and project management software. Module 3 explores organizing principles and techniques, including organizational structures, delegation, communication, coordination, and the use of flowcharts and process maps. Module 4 delves into time management and prioritization, covering principles, identifying time wasters, prioritization techniques, scheduling, and addressing procrastination and distractions. Module 5 addresses resource management, emphasizing the importance of identifying, managing, and budgeting resources, as well as inventory and supply chain management, utilizing tools like spreadsheets and databases. Module 6 introduces project management principles, encompassing project scope, objectives, planning, resource and stakeholder management, as well as project monitoring and control. Module 7 focuses on leadership and team management, exploring the role of leadership in planning and organizing, leadership styles, team building, communication, conflict resolution, motivation, and empowerment. Finally, Module 8 emphasizes continuous improvement, discussing the importance of feedback, implementing improvements, and creating a culture of continuous improvement.

Table of contents:

Module 1: Introduction to Planning and Organising

Module 2: Planning Principles and Techniques

Module 3: Organising Principles and Techniques

Module 4: Time Management and Prioritisation

Module 5: Resource Management

Module 6: Project Management.

Module 7: Leadership and Team Management

Module 8: Continuous Improvement

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